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Energy Audits


Energy Audits to existing buildings commercial.


Energy conservation is clearly a good thing everyone wins with energy conservation. The property owner is better off and has a more comfortable environment to work or live in. Governments have been promoting energy conservation for more than 20 years without much effect. Even now over 75% of domestic properties have no cavity wall insulation and below the recommended levels of loft insulation.

It will only be a matter of time before the government introduces a carbon tax based on emissions of buildings this is already happening to cars and is being introduced in Ireland. As well as this with running costs and climate change on every ones lips more and more companies are looking to rent more energy efficient properties.

Over the last few years as more and more emphasis is placed on energy reduction there has improvements in every area from lighting and controls to more efficient boilers and controls. For larger properties there are power correction devices that bring a instant 15% reduction in energy use as well as extending the life cycle of equipment. As well as a endless list of new technologies like renewable products.

Using the latest software we can carry out a non invasive survey of your building and give a accurate account of the running cost and CO2 emissions. Then provide a detailed analysis of what different improvements can be carried out showing the proposed savings and CO2 emissions these improvements will bring.
Our survey will also contain a easy to understand thermal images of the building so you can see exactly areas that require inprovement


These findings will enable you to decide on what short term or long term improvements to make to the building based on cost and environmental issues.

We are a completely independent company not connected to any manufacturers or suppliers so all our advice will be impartial. Some forms of renewable energy for example while they may look environmentally friendly will never pay for their selves and provide very little improvement to the existing building.

There is also the government’s ECA list where company can claim up to 100% allowance from their tax bills for various improvements. We can advise on what products are suitable for you and what you can offset from your company profits.

Our service to you can be to provide the report and findings or work in conjunction with contractors and obtain quotes and oversee the improvement works.

These surveys can start from as little as £200 please contact us and we will provide a fixed price quotation based on your specific requirements.
See our case studies and contact us to discuss your requirements.