Thermal Imaging Surveys

Cotswold Energy is a leading, family run and independent specialist Thermal Imaging Survey company, offering a range of services that relate to thermal imaging surveys for a wide range of uses, from the commissioning of new buildings and structures through to finding faults or issues in both domestic and commercial properties.

Our state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment can quickly and efficiently offer a non-invasive and affordable survey of your property and help to identify a wide range of issues and defects that could be present.

The equipment we use can help to fault find and identify potential issues before they become a cause for concern. We attend hundreds of properties every year where there is a problem that needs a root cause identifying or there are faults or concerns in the property that need identifying, with our team on hand to survey the property and then report back with their findings.

Some of the areas we can use our thermal imaging surveys for include:

  • Insulation issues – both missing and defective insulation leading to heat loss and increased energy costs.
  • The presence of mould and condensation which can cause personal health issues and structural issues for the property.

Contact us today to discuss your thermal imaging survey requirements and we can discuss the best option for you and arrange a site visit to complete the survey at a date to suit you.