Case Studies

Small Commercial building

We were approached by a small family run hotel in Torquay The building had 12 guest bedrooms and the owners lived in a small annexe at the rear. The owner explained they had owned the guest house for several years and had a reasonable trade all year round.

They had planned to start a programme of redecoration of the bedrooms by doing one at a time and asked us if we could provide some advice on how they could reduce their running costs as well as promoting their business as being more environmental friendly.

The building was a traditional brick build 1930 property with a tiled roof and rear extension built in the 1960s the rear extension had undergone some renovation work carried out by the previous owner to remedy some damp problems in 2004.

Our initial survey showed the hotel had a annual energy consumption of gas and electricity of 530kwh/M2  

We advised on some changes to

The lighting system and switching

The heating system

Basic improvements to the insulation and glazing

The improvements were carried out with minimal disruption to running of the hotel by local tradesmen and cost the owner in the region of £8900 which included our fee.

The annual energy use was reduced to 290KWh/M2

These saving resulted in a annual reduction in running cost of approximately 54 % while reducing the CO2 emissions by approximately 40%

The buildings energy rating went from a 119 to a respectable 52 only 10 points less than if newly built.

Large commercial office building.

We carry out energy assessments for a company that has a large portfolio of commercial properties ranging from office buildings to industrial warehouses. They have a four storey office building of approximately 2000 m2 built in the 1960s the owners are very keen to promote their buildings as energy efficient and have always carried out a series of ongoing improvements to keep the buildings up together.

The building had a current energy rating of 119 which was above average for a building of this age and construction. And our client explained they had been approached by a large potential client who had expressed a interest in renting the entire property on a long lease but were instructed to only find a green property with a EPC rating below 60. We were able to provide advice and guidance on  carrying out improvements the owner can reduce the  rating to 54 He later explained the cost of these improvements were likely to cost £30.000 pounds and The new rent would be in the region of £100k per annum.