TM44 Air Conditioning

Under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) all property owners, building owners, business owners and managers who have air-conditioning units or systems in their buildings have an obligation (I.E. required by law) to have their air conditioning units inspected by qualified and accredited inspectors.

We provide a nationwide service providing both level 3 and 4 TM44 air conditioning inspections. As a established company, we are confident in the service that our highly experienced and accredited air conditioning team provide to all of our customers.

Our air conditioning inspection reports are ISO 14001 compliant and are produced in the only form that satisfies Part 4 of the Energy performance of buildings regulations and article 9 of the Energy performance of buildings directive. This means that the report you get from our company is legally compliant and offers the report coverage your property needs to make sure you adhere to the legal requirements you are under.

These inspections must be carried out every 5 years by an accredited air conditioning energy assessor of which we are one and failure to do so can result in a £300 fine, which is generally enforced by Trading Standards and at their discretion.

Whilst these reports are a legal requirement, they also have many positive reasons for having them completed, as they can help to improve the units efficiency, reduce energy condition and cut down costs, but most importantly you can rest assured that your units are safely operating for your customers by having these inspections completed.

We are pleased to be offering a nationwide service for TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections and as a family run and independent business, you will be getting best service from our company.