Display Energy Certificates

Display Energy Certificates are generally a requirement for any building or public sector building that is accessed by the public and with a floor space covering 250 m2 or above. Failure to comply with these requirements and failure to have a valid Display Energy Certificate on public display where required can see a fine of up to £1,500 imposed on the building’s owners.

The Display Energy Certificate (DEC) should also be accompanied by Recommendation Report from the surveyor and assessor carrying out the DEC report, which will contain recommendations and guidance as to how to improve the energy efficiency and energy performance of the building.

For buildings over 1000 M2, the DEC must be renewed every year and as such is only valid for 12 months at a time, whilst the accompanying report is valid for around 7 years. For buildings under 1000 M2, both the DEC and report are valid for a maximum of ten years.

Our team of accredited and qualified assessors are able to provide you with everything you need for your DEC requirements, from one building to twenty, our family run and independent business can make sure your understand just what your building needs and then work with you to achieve the certificate and work through any recommendations and guidance in our report.

We provide a full copy of the certificate and reports and can also submit the relevant reports, certificates and information through to the Government Central Register, allowing you to run your building and letting us deal with all the paperwork.